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Do you think this mother really wants to leave her childre with a babysitter; not knowing for sure what's really going on?
Do you think she'd be interested in a simple hidden camera system that would let her see if her children wes being abused or not?

Do You Want A Piece of the Millions of Dollars Being Spent On Hidden Cameras, Nanny Cam and Surveillance Systems Every Year?
These Are the Perfect Products for A Bad Economy!  People Associate Bad Economic Times With A Rise In Crime and Look For Ways to Protect Themselves and Their Property.  Now YOU Can Help People Protect Their Homes, Businesses and Family...Plus Put 1,000s of Dollars In Your Pocket Every Month!  Order Your Wholesale Kit NOW!!!

In the past, surveillance equipment was only used by the government and private investigators.  But now more and more people are finding a need for this specialized but easy to use equipment.

Millions of people are using nanny cams to check on their babysitters, surveillance cameras to keep an eye on their homes and businesses and hidden cameras to catch theft, abuse and infidelity.  No other method can give you the undeniable proof or evidence that a surveillance camera can.

In this business, you can take real pride in the fact that you protect propery and lives for a living.  That you provide peace of mind and real security.  Thay you earn your money by helping people make their lives, homes and businesses safer.

This is a very, very, very PROFITABLE business.  In fact, I'm happy to show you how to add a few thousand dollars a month of spare time income, if that's what you want...or even more if you want to work it fulltime.  Our top dealers enjoy GIANT incomes---with for less work, stress and investment than owners of other kinds of businesses.

Most people are "under-protected" and admit that "they ought to ..." as soon as these products are put in front of them.  A lot of our products are "Impulse Items", purchased as soon as shown and explained.  Like the Wrist Watch or Sunglasses Hidden Cameras or our many other cameras hidden in everyday objects with built-in DVRs.

We also caryy a full line of non-lethal self defense products, such as:  Stun Mater(r) Stun Guns, Pepper Shor(r) and Wildfire(r) Pepper Spray, the new C2 TASER(r), Mace(r), Personal Alarms and more.

The current economy is not helping people feel more secure.  Safety is on peoples' minds.  There's a legendary marketing expert named Robert Collier who say that the secret to success in selling is to "enter the conversation already taking place in the customers's mind."  Well, is there a day that crime isn't in the news?

Child abductions, nanny and babysitter abuse, theft, assults, car-jacking, break-ins and home invasions.  As soon as you bring up the subject of personal and home security, you tap into real concerns.


First...Drop Shipping - This means we will ship to your customers with your name and address on the shipping label.  They don't even know we exist.  You don't have to stock anything.  You are paid by your customer before you have to pay for any product.  You can sell hundreds of products without any upfront costs.

                                              See What's Going On When You're Not There